Some Company And Personal Background

CorrView International, LLC was established following years of providing various specialty products and services to the commercial and industrial HVAC industry.

Its principal, Bill Duncan, began in chemical research and development as an inventor for Dart Industries.  Primary research at Dart led to innovative hi-tech answers to various industrial problems; providing solutions in the areas of ozone generation, high altitude ozone destruction for the Super Sonic Transport, electrostatic precipitation, electrostatic cooling, phenolic compounding, and wastewater treatment, among others.

Moving later into the field of chemical water treatment in 1981 provided a thorough understanding and working knowledge of commercial and industrial HVAC systems as well as an introduction to the limitations of chemical treatment to provide reliable and effective corrosion protection.  Most importantly, it provided hands on exposure to the many different forms of corrosion related damage virtually inevitable in all metal piping systems, and the difficulty of accurately monitoring that loss.

Please contact CorrView International, LLC for a detailed background history of the company, and a personal resume of Bill Duncan.  We also provide a constantly updated statistical summary of work performed on our Business Statistic page.

Today, we focus upon the field of pipe corrosion testing and monitoring; serving primarily large commercial real estate interests, government properties, as well as some light industrial and manufacturing facilities.  We provide the highest level of ultrasonic based piping analysis critically necessary for those property owners and managers requiring reliable decision making information, and have served some of the largest real estate, security firms, critical data centers, and government facilities across the United States.  We provide fitness for service evaluations of all piping systems from HVAC condenser and process water to fire sprinkler and plumbing.

Above all, we fiercely maintain our independence and dedication to pure science, the latest technology, and investigation; avoiding the politics, special money making interests, and other self-benefitting influences that so often alter and manipulate a correct interpretation of facts.

Our CorrView corrosion monitor offers one more tool to monitor pipe corrosion, and is in response to more than 30+ years of documentation to the nearly worthless information provided by corrosion coupons.  This simple, low cost, and innovative product is prominently displayed on this site.

We provide various Technical Bulletins related to piping, corrosion, fire piping systems, water filtration, and other HVAC maintenance issues, as well as useful two page handouts.  Additional bulletins and handouts are produced when time permits.  This site also offers an extensive photo library of various corrosion conditions which we have been involved.