Case Histories

bulletins c19 02Over a span of 30 years and more than 5 million wall thickness measurements, certain ultrasonic pipe testing investigations still stand out as significant.  Test results can go either way, and in many examples we are very pleased to report a limited corrosion problem requiring only minor repairs.  As damages and cost escalate, however, other factors and complications often arise.

Below are some true case histories relating to our work in this field.  During the couse of most fitness for service piping evaluations we also encounter other aspects of the building operation critically important to the conditions which exist – such as the water filtration, corrosion control, plant design, etc,   No names or locations are provided, and minor insignificant details have been changed for the obvious reasons.

Ultrasonic Pipe Testing

Ultrasonic Testing UT-01:   Three Strikes – Overwhelming Proof Of A Corrosion Threat Does Not Always Produce The Appropriate Response

Ultrasonic Testing UT-02:   Luxury Living Disaster – A Combination Of Neglect, Incompetence, Unknowing, And Greed Leads To Major Pipe Failure

Ultrasonic Testing UT-03:   Following The Wrong Course – A Corrosion Problem Can Provide The Opportunity For Others To Benefit At Your Expense

Ultrasonic Testing UT-04:   Not Unexpected – The Benefit Of Prior Investigative Experience And A Trained Eye

Ultrasonic Testing UT-05:   Unnecessary Panic – Poor Ultrasonic Equipment, Inexperience, And Poor Operator Training Combine To Create A Non-Emergency

Ultrasonic Testing UT-06:   Deliberate Actions – An Unknown Threat Unexpectedly Revealed Through Ultrasonic Investigation

Water Treatment

Water Treatment WT-01:   Advanced Piping Failure – How Corrosion Does Not Recognize The Demand For Nor The Political Correctness of Going “Green”

Water Treatment WT-02:  Purchasing Better Results – Shopping Around For The Desired Result Has Its Consequences

Water Treatment WT-03:  What’s Wrong With This Picture – This Is Not What A Corrosion Coupon History Of 0.4 MPY Should Look Like At A 6 Year Old Condenser Water System

Water Treatment WT-04:  Following The Wrong Path Again And Again – How Facts and Common Sense Do Not Always Lead to the Correct Actions

Water Filtration

Water Filtration WF-01:   Filtration 101 – The Most Common Mistakes of Water Filtration Representatives and HVAC Design Engineers

Fire Protection

Fire Protection FP-01:   Increasing Levels Of Threat – How Curiosity And Due Diligence Can Re-Direct An Ultrasonic Investigation Into Entirely New Areas