A result of our 30+ years of involvement in the field of corrosion control, corrosion monitoring, and ultrasonic testing has been a very large archive of corrosion related photographs taken from actual case histories.

These photos have been broken down into three general galleries related to common corrosion problems, piping system specific corrosion issues, and those associated with water storage tanks and vessels.  Within each category are further divisions based upon specific problem examples, such as galvanic corrosion, dry fire piping, or domestic cold water tanks.

We offer these galleries for the two-fold purpose of providing a comparison upon which to categorize and assess a potential corrosion problem, as well as to illustrate the all to frequent end result of a corrosion problem hidden from view or left unaddressed.

Corrosion Gallery Categories

Forms Of Corrosion

articles corrosion galleryProvided are 25 individual photo galleries related to specific forms of corrosion or their related end result.

Common problems such as galvanic corrosion, under deposit corrosion, MIC, corrosion under insulation, weathering,  and dezincification are detailed.

Also detailed are the end result of different corrosion conditions resulting in interior rust deposits, thread failures, wet insulation, and separated cut grooved pipe.

Fire Pipe Corrosion

articles firegallerythumbVarious examples of corrosion at wet and dry fire piping systems are provided to illustrate the wide difference in corrosion events which exist.

Variables in pipe schedule, materials, design, operation, and testing dramatically vary the level of corrosion occurring.

Dry and preaction systems typically show the greatest deterioration, while presenting the highest potential for system failure due to the volume of iron oxide rust products which can be generated.

Examples of internal corrosion products significantly constricting the pipe are shown for both wet and dry fire systems.

Tanks And Vessels

articles tankgallerythumbTanks and pressure vessels are often overlooked as a source of a corrosion problem.   For some serving domestic cold water service, required annual inspections will often reveal a problem in time to address it, although our gallery is proof that such is not always the case.

Stand alone fire protection water storage tanks are significantly different, and generally do not receive regular maintenance.  Corrosion activity is typically slower, but can produce failures after a few decades.