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A piping failure can produce a substantial volume of damage in a relatively short period of time.  While most water leaks are relatively small and can be easily repaired, the most extensive pipe breaks can cause damages of $5 million or more.  The failure of a 4 in. pipe section operating at 200 PSI, a pressure common to most high rise office building properties, will release over 3,500 gallons of water per minute.

Within the realm of HVAC applications, data centers are considered the most critical.  Absolutely flawless and uninterrupted service of the cooling system is required to maintain computer room temperatures, without which, failure of the computer hardware will occur.  Although we still consider it a term relative to often unavoidable events, any larger data center “can never” be shutdown, and most are designed for 20 or more years of uninterrupted service.

Large warehouse and manufacturing  facilities are primarily affected by corrosion problems at their fire sprinkler systems.  In sizes of up to 1 million square feet and greater, tens of thousands of linear feet of fire sprinkler pipe typically exist.  In most examples, office space is limited, and does not contain any significant piping other than domestic water.  Fire sprinkler pipe, however, holds the potential to cause not only water damage to inventory and production lines, but also threatens enormous replacement costs.

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Those involved in the piping industry, from design engineers, to building operators, to steam fitters, are well aware of the changes which have taken place in terms of piping quality over the past few decades.  Low price generally rules.  Leaving those systems carrying the life blood of a building property often to chance in terms of service life provided.

As we have stated to our clients many times over, “The deterioration of a piping system after 75 years of service is an expected and unavoidable physical act of nature.  That same level of deterioration in 2-1/2 years is someone’s fault.”  In a growing number of examples, premature piping failures are being looked at from a litigation viewpoint;

A wide range of services are available in the field of ultrasonic pipe testing; with widely varying levels of quality and competence provided.  We have an entire file folder of ultrasonic testing reports, submitted to us for peer review, that would make any 5th grade teacher cringe in horror.  Worthless spreadsheets of inaccurate wall thickness data, wall thickness values