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The Health Benefits of Kale

The Health Benefits of Kale Kale has gained popularity recently as a trendy superfood that is said to have numerous health benefits. This leafy green is packed with antioxidants and vitamin A, helping the body to fight against free radicals and heart disease. It can also help the body to improve cardiovascular health. If you […]

Best Foods With Fiber and Its Role in Weight Loss

A dietitian even suggests that bananas can increase weight loss. How does this food benefit those who are trying to lose weight? How does it taste? These are just a few questions that may arise when you are considering bananas for weight loss. Continue reading to learn more about bananas, their nutritional value, their benefits […]

The Best Tips for Winter Weight Loss, From Nutritionists – The Beet

If you want to make this year your healthiest year yet, you could win the lottery and hire a plant-based, private chef and a personal trainer who motivates you like your very own  But assuming that pipe dream doesn’t come true, you could also simply follow these eight simple yet wildly effective tips to lose weight […]

No fads, just building healthy lifestyles – Santa Clarita Valley Signal

Every year, millions make resolutions to better their overall health and fitness by trying the latest fad diet or workout — but those goals are sometimes exhausted and abandoned even by the end of February, if not sooner.  Santa Clarita Valley fitness and wellness experts are very conscious of this burnout, which can ultimately lead […]

Are papayas good for weight loss? – Medical News Today

Papayas are a soft, fleshy fruit that some people may consume to try and lose weight. While more research is necessary to explore the potential weight loss benefits of papayas, preliminary evidence suggests the fruit may have anti-obesity properties. Papaya, also known as papaws or pawpaws, is a popular fruit that people can use in […]

What superfoods are good for weight loss? – Medical News Today

The term “superfood” is a marketing term, not a medical term. It generally refers to nutrient-rich foods that may positively support health. As they are typically foods containing vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, they may be beneficial as part of a healthy weight loss diet. As “superfood” is not a medical term, there is no standard […]

What Are Triglycerides?

Triglycerides are fats that are produced and transported by the liver. The word triglycerides comes from the Greek word “tropian” that means hot, and “aidos” which means aid. A triglyceride is basically an ester formed from three fatty acids and glycerol. The commonest triglycerides are found in both animal and plant fat.   When a […]