5 Pulses to loss weight quickly: तुरंत घटाना है वज़न तो खाएं ये 5 दालें | Jeevan Kosh


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5 Pulses which helps in losing weight quickly. There are so many diets in market which claim to loss weight quickly but most of these methods and diets are very unhealthy and put side effects on body. There are so many things in our Indian Kitchen that can unsure the healthy weight loss and no side effects. Pulses are one of those diet. Check out this video to find out more about 5 pulses to loss weight quickly and without any side effects.
5 दालें जो तुरन घटाएंगी वज़न – छिलके वाली मूंग की दाल , कुल्थी की दाल , अरहर की दाल, चने की दाल , काली मसूर की दाल | __________________________________________________________________
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