7 Minute Workout Weight Loss Results I Before & After 7 Minute Beats


Emma and Lauren tell you about their 6 week experience using the 7 Minute Beats Programme

We have seen people lift themselves from depression, have seen one participant lose 36lb and have seen people go from beginner to advanced fitness all in just 6 weeks with doing just 7 minutes of fun dance exercise each morning with 7 Minute Beats workouts.

In this workout results video you will learn how your life can transform with 7 minutes of fun dance exercise. However, you won’t just hear about before and after weight loss results and body fat reduction. You will learn about how these people-built exercise as a daily habit and how that habit changed their lives.

Listen, exercise is rarely about weight loss. It’s about what happens to you when you lose weight, when your body shape starts to transform your confidence, your self esteem starts to grow and your happiness along with it. Think about how you would feel if you could wear those clothes again, if you didn’t feel embarrassed about your fitness, if you looked and felt fitter than ever. In this before and after video you will learn how these real people were able to transform many aspects of their lives.

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