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Meet our new friend with a mission, Aruna

About Aruna:
I am Aruna raj Varma.
I am an Hr Executive by profession, but I am following my passion and started My youtube channel “Ismart Aruna Life Style Vlogs” presenting my entire weight loss journey from 115kgs to 75kgs.
Now I have completed 361 days of my journey and the Interesting thing is that I didn’t take one daybreak I workout each day, and every day, periods/festival days nothing stopped me.
I believed in inconsistency/determination and hard work and by following this now I became successful inspiring many Women through my channel and Facebook group “Fitness Freaks Family”.
I inspire and motivate many women by guiding them healthy way of living.
I never diet at the same time I never cheat on my meals, whichever I eat I healthily cook my self. So I enjoy my meals and I enjoy my workouts.
Every day right from the beginning I use to record my workout video just to track my improvements. I never approached a gym/coach/Nutritionist I self-designed my workouts and diet.

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