Edward Norton joins Knives Out 2


Edward Norton

Edward Norton
Photo: Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for SiriusXM

Just yesterday, we learned that Dave Bautista had joined the cast of Rian Johnson’s Knives Out sequel on Netflix, an apparent “thank you” gift from Ted Sarandos to Bautista for choosing Army Of The Dead over The Suicide Squad, and now another famous person—arguably a more famous person—has signed on as well: Edward Norton, who, like Bautista and Knives Out’s Chris Evans, has been in at least one Marvel movie. Interesting!

This news comes from Deadline, which naturally doesn’t know anything about who Norton might be playing or what the plot of the Knives Out sequel will be, but we know it’ll involve Daniel Craig returning as gentleman sleuth Benoit Blanc and some kind of mystery. There will probably be some cleverness to it all, since that’s the kind of thing Rian Johnson does, and Deadline says production is starting this summer in Greece. That doesn’t necessarily mean it will take place in Greece, though the first movie was filmed in Massachusetts and did take place in Massachusetts, so maybe Benoit Blanc is going on a little vacay. Maybe this will be like an episode of Monk where Benoit Blanc just happens to stumble onto a mystery while he’s at a resort? Bautista can be one of the other vacationers and Norton can be, like, a snooty room service guy. Then Johnson just has to get some more famous actors who have been in Marvel movies in there to play other kinds of people who would be at a resort in Greece (maybe a rich divorcée, a suspicious businessman, and some townies who resent the rich resort people and detectives).

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