Elipse balloon journey and #weightloss New update


Hey guys, What’s up everybody!? I had posted a Tiktok with the claim of “perfect BMI” that’s because no one has the same. What my BMI is for my height and weight ratio would be mine. you would have to find yours and it get’s more technical then just BMI, there’s so much more to weight loss then big words and numbers!
Asalamalikum, This is my new update on my weight loss journey with The allurion Elipse Balloon, which i have chosen after a discussion with my physician.
Here are some helpful timelines for your reference:
– I did the procedure on December 28th 2019 at American clinics Muscat – Oman.
– The balloon stayed in my stomach for 4 months or so, by the end of April 2020 it was out of my system.
– I continued losing weight even after the balloon was out up until August 2020.
– Finally settled on my weight management from September 2020 until now. I maintain the weight loss through intermittent fasting, yoga and exercise, however, it’s not as intense as before when I started off.

I hope sharing my journey helps you out in yours, if you decide to go for this procedure.
What i would highly recommend is to first see a professional.
i have known doctor Weam, even before the journey started, we spoke about a lot of things about my goals and aspirations with more so having control over my mind and mental health before jumping into this.

for more information:
American Clinics : +968 71977480 (weightloss assistance)
Book consultation appointment with Dr.Weam
For GCC, you can follow their website to find your branch where they do the allurion balloon.

Don’t forget to take care of yourself so you can take care of others.


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