Ep. 2 Weight Loss Challenge Begins – Fitness Assessment | Dianne's Challenge: Fit for Wedding


Dianne’s weight loss challenge kicks off with her initial fitness assessment with her personal trainer, Holly. They meet to discuss Dianne’s goals, health, diet, and motivation behind her 20-lb goal. They follow that up with a fitness assessment to determine Dianne’s starting point. They do her first weigh-in at 164 lbs, find out her body fat percentage, and take all of her measurements to have a way to track progress. Dianne also gets her first mini-workout by testing how long she can hold a plank, how many push-ups she can do, assess her squat form, and do a 1-mile timed run.

Follow along to test yourself at home and see your fitness level so you can compare to it in the future. Join Dianne on this challenge to lose weight at home!

They finish by setting a goal for 5 lbs per month to lose. Holly gives tips for how to lose weight at the end of this episode, and tells you how you can enter to win a $100 gift to Amazon.com!

Be sure to read Dianne’s blog about her assessment to get the inside scoop and how it made her feel: https://www.prosourcefit.com/blogs/news/weight-loss-challenge-begins-diannes-challenge

To find out about personal training with Holly Pinkham, Renewal Fit Coach, visit her website: www.renewalfitcoach.com


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