Here Are 3 Simple Tips To Avoid Sunburn and Tanning

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Summer skincare tips: Dermatologist Dr Kiran shared how to protect the skin from summer heat. Read here to know how.

Summer Skincare: Here Are 3 Simple Tips To Avoid Sunburn and Tanning

Summer skincare tips: You should apply sunscreen daily to protect your skin from sun damage


  1. Apply sunscreen even when indoors
  2. Eat a diet loaded with fruits and vegetables
  3. Also drink plenty of water during the summer

Summers can be daunting when it comes to maintaining clear and hydrating skin. Tanning and sunburns are some of the common problems that we come across because of the scorching heat. Those who are worried about how to deal with that tan or acne, fret not as we have Dr Kiran, a dermatologist, to guide you. She has shared some interesting tips to glow naturally. In her latest Instagram video, Dr Kiran explained how we can keep darkened or sunburnt skin at a distance.

Summer skincare: Here what you should do to prevent sunburn

“First things first, change your diet. Eat a lot of antioxidants in your food. Lots of fruits, lots of vegetables, amla, these are all the things that will help you in your diet improve your skin resilience to the sun rays,” she said.


Berries are loaded with antioxidants that can keep your skin healthy

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Next, she suggested a few supplements to add to this skin care routine. “Supplements like Heliocare for example have vegetal extracts that help improve your resilience to the sun.” Dr Kiran emphasized on the usage of sunblock. She says, “2 tablespoons, every four hours, you apply it whether you are indoors or not.” In the Instagram caption, Dr Kiran added, “Stay home, be healthy and eat well. This can be our time for rest and rejuvenation.”

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Earlier, Dr Kiran shared some tips on consuming the right kind of summer food. She advised to keep the consumption of mangoes in the summer under check. According to the dermatologist, some may experience acne due to mangoes and hence should be eaten in moderation.

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She also recommended staying away from spicy food as they trigger acne. Apart from these hacks, she added that almond milk in a fruit shake is a better option in order to get more nutrients.

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