High Protein Diet for Fat Loss: Dr. Jose Antonio (Podcast Ep. 40)


In this episode of the School of Muscle Podcast, Dr. Jose Antonio discusses high protein diets for fat loss, gaining muscle, and how the FTO gene relates to obesity.

Time Stamps:
00:30 – Overfeeding on protein (800 more calories, but not gaining fat)
4:00 – Why overfeeding on protein doesn’t result in an increase in body fat?
5:20 – Can you trust these studies?
8:30 – Thermic effect of whey vs casein
10:00 – High protein diets when following a periodized program
14:40 – High protein diets for well-trained individuals
20:12 – High protein diets health concerns
21:15 – High protein practical recommendations
29:10 – FTO gene and how that influences body composition

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