How Janelle Brown Lost Weight & Kept It Off

Sister Wives Janelle Brown and trainer

Janelle looks very healthy on recent Sister Wives seasons. She has worked hard to get fit and she is sharing her own weight loss secrets.

After fifteen Sister Wives seasons, viewers have gotten to see many of the Brown family’s life changes and scandals on the show, and we’re here to talk about Janelle Brown’s weight loss journey. Robyn Brown joined the family and had children with Kody Brown. Christine Brown’s daughter underwent therapy and eventually had surgery for scoliosis, Meri Brown started a bed and breakfast, and Janelle started to focus on her health. Fans have noticed Janelle’s slimmer body and want to know how she lost weight. They also want to know how she maintains her weight loss.

Kody’s wives have had their problems. They have had to move based solely on Kody’s whims. The last move brought them to Flagstaff, Arizona, and an undeveloped plot of land in Coyote Pass. Years later, that land is still undeveloped. All the wives seem to want to live in different states. While no new wives have joined the family since Robyn, the women are still trying to overcome jealousy. Stress can contribute to weight gain as it raises cortisol levels, but Janelle has found a way to achieve a healthy weight and stay at that weight.

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Janelle has shared what she is doing in clips that she calls Janelle Brown’s Weight Loss Diary. She also shares weight loss tips on her Strive with Janelle blog. The first thing she figured out was that she couldn’t achieve her weight loss and fitness goals on her own. She sought out professional help from trainers who help her with workouts and even assist her with improving her posture. She has become more active. She now enjoys walking, yoga, and gardening. All this physical activity (plus the regular workouts) boosts her strength. Her routine has also given her more energy. Janelle’s healthy habits may even help to fight inflammation.

Janelle has committed to improving her health and it shows. She is an inspiration to the other wives, whom she has also learned lessons from. She says that in terms of sticking with it, one of the most important things is to know what it is you want. She revealed motivational notecards that she had made when she was at her heaviest. They featured the benefits she wanted. The cards included feeling handicapped because of all the things her weight didn’t allow her to do, and wanting to have more energy to do things with her kids.

Now that she prioritized her health, she is feeling healthy and confident. This Sister Wives star is impressing the show’s fans with her dedication to her fitness routine. Lots of people follow her to get advice. She’s a reality star who has made some dramatic changes.

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