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The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland located in the middle of the neck. It is considered important to regulate the metabolism of the body. In simple words, the thyroid gland determines how fast food is burnt in the body, and how fast the heartbeats. It secretes three hormones, triiodothyronine (T3), thyroxine (T4), and calcitonin. In cases of thyroid dysfunction, there may be under or overproduction of these hormones, which lead to various disorders. The most common diseases of the thyroid are goiter, Grave’s disease, Hashimoto’s disease, and thyroid nodules. Women suffer from thyroid disorders more frequently than men, especially during pregnancy and after menopause. For people suffering from Thyroid, it can be a difficult task to lose weight. Also Read – Papaya Health Benefits: Beneficial For Weight Loss, Fights Aging, And More

Hyperthyroidism (overactive thyroid) results in the production of more hormones than the body requires. This could lead to the speeding-up of several body functions and can cause weight loss and rapid heart rate. Hypothyroidism, in contrast, slows down body functions; therefore, symptoms observed are opposite to that of hyperthyroidism. The first and foremost step for people with Hypothyroidism is to correct their thyroid problem. People often struggle with weight when they have hypothyroidism and consuming the right kind of foods can keep the metabolism in check which will eventually help you lose that stubborn fat. Also Read – Eggplant: Rich in Vitamins and Minerals, Brinjal Aids in Weight Loss and Bone Health

Diet to beat Hypothyroidism:

Eating the right type of foods, with good nutrition, combined with regular exercise can help in minimizing the symptoms. Also Read – Essential Tips To Lose The ‘Lockdown Kilos’

Increase Iodine intake: In India, iodine deficiency used to be common. According to a Times of India report, 1/3rd of the world’s population suffers from iodine deficiency. The report says that iodine can help in stimulating thyroid function in the body. Iodine will increase your TSH production in the body. Foods including table salt, fish, dairy, eggs are rich in iodine.
Fibre-rich diet: Increasing fibre intake can help lose weight effectively as it helps in digestion, clean toxins in the body, keep the calorie count in check. Fruits, green vegetables, pulses can help increase fibre in your body.

Selenium-rich foods: The report states that selenium is an important trace mineral that can help your body generate TSH hormones. Selenium helps in getting rid of free radicals, which contribute to weight gain. Include Brazil nuts, sardines, eggs, and various types of legumes.

Don’t go overboard with sugar and high-carb foods: It’s obvious that sugar is considered one of the biggest enemies for weight gain and health issues. And high-carbs too are not good if you are trying to shed weight. Switch to foods that do not spike insulin levels, foods that have a low-glycemic index.

You can try the Paleo diet, which focuses on a low-sugar, whole foods diet, or try the Ketogenic diet.

Anti-inflammatory foods: Adding anti-inflammatory foods to your diet can speed up weight loss for thyroid patients.

Go for gluten-free products: Try to go for gluten-free products as it may help manage hypothyroidism better and speed your weight loss procedure.

Change the timing of your meals: To boost your metabolism and speed up your fat-burning process, you should tweak the timing of your meals. Follow a fasting regime, or you can restrict the number of meals that you have in a day.

-Increase water intake: Drink plenty of water to cut down water retention, improve digestion and toxin elimination from the body, as per the TOI report. Water can reduce your appetite too.

What not to eat:

The report says that one should not eat foods that contain goitrogens as it can interfere with thyroid functioning and slow weight loss. Millets, Highly processed foods, Soy, fruits such as peaches, pear, strawberries.

Exercise for weight loss:

Exercising is good for you if you are suffering from hypothyroidism. Dedicating one hour to working out can help. You should do more strength training, muscle-building exercises, lifting weights. Pilates has proven to be more effective than regular cardio, it can regulate TSH levels and optimizing weight loss.