KetoCharge Reviews – Scam Keto Charge Diet Pills or Real Results?


KetoCharge (also called Keto Charge) is a brand-new dietary formula that uses the power of ketosis to trigger a natural weight loss. According to the official website (, ketosis is a natural body function that can be triggered by keto-friendly food as well as a specialized supplement. People of all ages and gender preferences can try keto weight loss if they are over a healthy weight limit.  

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The Keto diet is the trendiest diet of 2019-2020, where millions of people have switched to this miraculous diet plan that provides instant results. They don’t have to give up much while following a keto weight loss, yet they lose body weight within days. Still, the keto diet is not as simple as other diets as it involves a lot of nutrient calculation and meal planning; that’s why using supplements to speed up progress became a trend. 


Many supplements, including KetoCharge, are now available in the market, helping the body to get into ketosis and lose weight naturally. But, if you have never tried keto before, the idea of starting it may be confusing. Many people drop this idea just because they can’t decide if the supplement is better or the actual diet plan. Besides, the huge variety of keto diet pills can easily confuse a new user. 

If you are such a person who is unsure how to start his weight loss journey, start with exploring all the options, going through each supplement one by one. Let’s find out everything about this ketosis-linked weight loss in this KetoCharge review. 

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KetoCharge Review- Ketosis and Weight Loss 

A ketogenic diet, also called the keto diet, is one of the latest trends in weight loss. Although many people believe that it is a new type of diet that never existed before, its history can be traced back to the 1920s where it was used for epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, metabolic dysregulation, and cancer treatment. It was originally called the ‘classic ketogenic diet’ in 1923 by a doctor from Mayo Clinic named Dr. Russel Wilder. All the keto diets that we see today are different variations of this classic keto diet, customized as per different body needs. 

This low carb, high fat keto diet gained fame in the 1970s along with the Atkins diet that is also a low-carb but high protein diet. The real reason why keto became such a hit is that people were naturally inclined to eat fat over proteins. Eventually, different variations of this keto diet were introduced and popularized, but all of them share one thing in common; they contain at least 70% fat content. The rest of the food includes carbohydrates and proteins, which are also adjusted as per body needs and weight loss progress. 

All this seems like a lot of math, and most people don’t have this much time to invest in these calculations. So, what they can alternatively do is try a dietary supplement that more or less works the same way, more or less. Being a new addition to the pre-existing options, you should know about KetoCharge pills that are slowly gaining popularity for their real-time results. 

Let’s start this KetoCharge review and see how it works. 

What is Keto Charge?

As the name may indicate, KetoCharge is a ketosis-based weight loss supplement that helps achieve the desired weight loss. It is loaded with BHB ketones, and a number of other plant-based ingredients that make up for its ‘charging’ powers. This energy makes the body feel super active and vigorous, allowing him to go through a hectic day. Sometimes the user doesn’t even feel that he is on a weight loss diet because there is no weakness or fatigue like any typical weight loss plan. 

Every user has to consume the daily recommended pills for at least four to eight weeks to see noticeable changes. If one is highly obese, he may take up to six months for a complete weight loss makeover. 

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How Does KetoCharge Work?

Keto Charge diet pills work on the principle of ketosis to drop all excessive body weight. According to the classic ketogenic diet, when you deprive the body of glucose obtained from carbs, the body will start using fat cells to generate energy and fuel the body because it can’t work without it. So this switch from carbs to fat is natural and safe, but one has to change his dietary habits to get it started. 

The human brain needs a steady supply of glucose in more or less 120g in 24 hours. There is no way that it can store this glucose, so this supply has to be constant, or else all the functions will slow down. Normally when a person is fasting or consuming a low carbohydrates diet, the body utilizes the glucose stored in the liver. But this glucose supply is limited and doesn’t last for a long time; after it is finished and the body is still low on carbs, the insulin levels in the blood drop, and the body starts to use fat cells to generate energy. Hence, the primary source of carbohydrates is shifted from carbohydrates to fat. 

Next is to understand how KetoCharge can induce ketosis in the body. Ketosis is a condition where the ketones level in the body reaches a certain level. Typically, everyone goes into ketosis if they are fasting or remain hungry for a very long time. But to get a certain level of ketones, the body needs to be on a specific diet, called ‘ketogenic diet,’ using macro and micronutrients as per individual body needs. 

Following this special diet takes a few days to push the body into ketosis, and the weight loss progress starts to show. The time required to achieve ketosis and the number of ketones in the blood may differ in every user. Based on your dietary modifications, resting metabolic rate, and fat percentage in the body, the weight loss transformation with the keto diet could be fast and slow. 

But not everyone can start and follow the keto diet; either they are too busy to plan, shop, and prepare special meals, or they simply don’t like it. Also, if one is too impatient to wait for a couple of weeks, he can take help from keto-boosting supplements such as Keto Charge weight loss pills. mentions that regular use of KetoCharge pills slowly pushes the body into ketosis and makes sure that this condition remains for as long as the body needs to shed all extra weight. It is an independent supplement that doesn’t require a keto diet or lifestyle changes to make it work; however, one can use it along with a keto-friendly diet for improved and faster benefits.

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What Does KetoCharge Offer?

KetoCharge pills offer an effortless weight loss without going anywhere and without spending a lot of money. According to, the KetoCharge supplement offers the following benefits (individual results may vary).

The first thing that the KetoCharge website explains is its role in faster weight loss. Normally, keto weight loss is among the fastest weight loss diets that can show a visible result within a few weeks. This time is much lesser than weight loss with other diets, which makes the keto diet exclusive. People who have an important function, meeting, or event in a few weeks can try keto weight loss to get into their desired outfit and flaunt their slim, toned body. 

  • It triggers the process of ketosis. 

KetoCharge capsules only take a few days to activate and start showing the results. This time is less than the time required for keto foods to work. Sometimes the user likes to use both at the same time for an overall enhanced effect. 

  • It improves energy levels.

People fail to follow a weight loss diet because they feel too lethargic within a few days and end up quitting the diet and eating a heartful meal. This weakness shows up when you follow an ill-planned and starving diet. One thing that makes keto weight loss stand out among the rest is how it maintains high energy levels and doesn’t let the user feel weak or inactive. This benefit increases the likelihood of staying on the diet unless desired results are achieved. 

ketocharge reviews

KetoCharge Ingredients Information 

Keto Charge uses the finest natural ingredients inside that add up to the product’s efficiency and safety. The primary ingredient inside it is beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB). This ingredient is an exogenous ketone that fills the total ketones required to put the body into ketosis. This BHB blend is made from vital salts, including (Calcium BHB, Sodium BHB, and Magnesium BHB. 

Based on the information provided on the official KetoCharge website, these healthy salts turn themselves into electrolytes once they are inside the body. For those who don’t know, electrolytes are responsible for generating energy, even if you are not taking enough carb or taking a limited number of carbs like in a ketogenic diet. This BHB and other ingredients are combined into soft gelatin capsules. The glycine amino acid in this capsule regulates sleep levels, regulates mood throughout the day, and prevents insomnia.

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Is KetoCharge Legit? Here Are Some Good Reasons 

KetoCharge weight loss pills contain a herbal blend that provides the body with ketones that it needs to quick-start ketosis. Although it is natural to have concerns regarding a product’s safety and efficiency, in the case of this supplement, everything is clear. 

The Keto diet is not something new, and it has been around for decades. The reason why people are using it to lose weight is because it has helped almost everyone to achieve their dream body. Its results are the same for men and women, irrespective of their ages, which is a big factor behind its popularity. 

Weight loss is not the only thing that it can do for its users. Many KetoCharge customers also experience an improved cholesterol profile, sugar metabolism, and metabolic rate that are linked with body weight. To make sure that all body cells are getting a sufficient supply of energy, it improves blood circulation too, which keeps the blood pressure controlled and protects the body from cardiovascular risks. 

The keto weight loss with KetoCharge pills is visible with the naked eye. You don’t have to check your weight every other day. Not just you but the people around you can also see these changes in your appearance. All these reasons make it a legit and trustworthy option to try for weight loss. 

KetoCharge Side Effects, Warnings, and Risks 

Half the people drop the idea of trying a new dietary supplement because of the concerns attached to diet pills. Diet pills mean any pills that trigger metabolism, urging the body to lose weight fast. Based on what’s inside them, these diet pills can be damaging or beneficial for different people. In the case of KetoCharge, there is the lowest risk of side effects because it uses 100% herbal ingredients inside that are risk-free and safe. 

Besides, the capsules are prepared as per the dietary requirements of an average adult, and there is no chance of them going wrong for the body. So, this supplement has no side effects if you are following the recommended guidelines and dosage. 

Still, there are a few things that need to be cleared. First, KetoCharge is only recommended for adult users, and giving it to younger people is not safe. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding their babies should avoid taking this supplement unless their doctor approves it. All those people who are identified with underlying medical conditions, especially diabetes, kidney diseases, and liver diseases, should avoid following a keto diet. Keto diet changes the normal function of the body, and a person with health deficiencies may not go along with these changes and put himself at a dreadful risk. 

Some people may experience minor symptoms such as bad breath, headache, constipation, hyperactivity, or flu while being on a keto diet. These effects are not linked with the supplement but the overall keto weight loss process. These symptoms go away on their own and don’t require medical treatment. For best results, plan your keto meals according to your dietary requirements and body needs. 

Directions to Use Keto Charge Capsules

KetoCharge comes in the form of easy-to-swallow capsules. There are 60 capsules in every bottle, and this bottle typically lasts for one month. It means that the daily dosage of this supplement is only two capsules, taken with a glass of water. Although the company has not provided any details about the best time to use these capsules, for the best results, take them into the first half of the day so that it has an entire day to work. 

The company strictly emphasizes the fair usage of this supplement. Despite being a natural product, exceeding the daily value is not recommended. Any supplement’s overdose can cause undesirable side effects that may make the weight loss experience miserable. On the other hand, following the recommended dosage lowers the risk of side effects and makes the weight loss journey much more tolerable. 

Where to Buy KetoCharge Supplement at the Lowest Price? 

KetoCharge is available online for direct purchase only at Unlike other keto pills, you may not find KetoCharge pills in local stores, Amazon, or other online stores, and the only way to get your hands on it is through the official website. There are three options to buy it; single bottle pack or bundle offers. 

Option one

  • One bottle of KetoCharge pills 
  • One month supply
  • Real Price- $75.99
  • Discounted Price- $59.95
  • Free domestic shipping
  • Priority-based shipping 

Option two 

  • Two bottles of KetoCharge pills 
  • Two months’ supply 
  • One Free Bottle 
  • Real price- $227.97
  • Discounted price- $119.99
  • Free domestic shipping
  • Priority-based shipping 

Option Three 

  • Three bottles of KetoChange pills 
  • Two Free Bottles
  • Real price- $455.94
  • Discounted price- $179.99
  • Free domestic shipping
  • Priority-based shipping

Those who have never tried a dietary supplement can consider a single bottle pack and try it for a few weeks to see the results. If they are happy with the progress, they can buy the bundle pack next time. If you are already following a keto diet and need something to improve your progress or to keep you ‘active’ during this weight loss journey, get two or three bottles. 

Right now, the company is running a promotional offer under which you can get KetoCharge for a discounted price. Buying bundles save more money, plus you will get free bottles from the company.

The company accepts online payment only and doesn’t offer cash on delivery service. You have to pay for it in advance, and the company will deliver it to your doorstep. There are no delivery charges, and it is free on all orders, no matter how many bottles you are ordering.  

KetoCharge Customer Support Service

If you have read about KetoCharge but have any questions regarding its usage, orders, refund, or delivery, you can contact the company directly. It has an active customer support line that welcomes all new and existing members and tries to address them. 

There are two ways to contact them.

  1. By Phone: +19294452880
  2. By Email:

All orders come with a 60-day money back guarantee. The company is ready to refund your money if this product fails on you. Here is the company’s address to send the used/unused bottles back to avail refund offer. 

Wolfson Brands (UK) Limited

12 Payne Street, Glasgow, Scotland, G4 0LF 

Pros and Cons of Keto Charge Pills

Here is a quick summary of this entire Keto charge review. Give it a reading before you make your final decision. 


  • Weight loss without lethargic feeling
  • Immediate benefits that show up within a few weeks 
  • Lowers appetite and gives the body control over its functions
  • Improved insulin response and protection from diabetes
  • Easy to use supplement 
  • Travel-friendly bottle 
  • Non-GMO product 
  • Fit for a daily use 
  • No risks and side effects 
  • Free from fillers, toxins, and allergens
  • Suitable for vegans and vegetarians 
  • Non-toxic formula
  • Money-back offer and free delivery 


  • Only available online 
  • Not suitable for children 

KetoCharge Reviews- The Bottom Line 

KetoCharge is a keto-enriched weight loss supplement that provides faster results. Regular use of this supplement helps to achieve your desired weight within weeks. It is an independent formula but may work better when combined with a healthy, keto-friendly diet. There are no suspicious ingredients involved, and the company has provided all necessary details about it. 

To secure the new customers, the company is also offering a money-back offer, under which every user can get his order value returned if this product fails to help him. Right now, it is available for a discounted price; hurry up and book your order before the stock runs out.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Keto Charge Pills 

Based on the information provided on the official website, here are the most commonly asked questions regarding this product.

  • Do you need a prescription to buy KetoCharge?

KetoCharge is an over-the-counter product like multivitamin pills. You don’t need any prescription to buy it, and you can directly order it from the official website. 

  • How long would one KetoCharge bottle last?

Every bottle of KetoCharge has 60 capsules inside. These capsules are enough for 30 days or one month only.  

  • When should you expect results?

KetoCharge is a fast-acting dietary formula, and its effects start showing within a few days only. Every user can witness visible changes in his appearance and body weight within 4-6 weeks of using it. For best results, use it for three to six months and get a healthy, slim, and toned body. 

Keto Charge pills are consumed with water, just like any other multivitamin pill. You should never grind them or open them and mix the constituents in any food/drink recipe. 

  • Do you need to make lifestyle changes while using KetoCharge?

Although not mandatory, improving the lifestyle and switching to healthier options increases the effects of KetoCharge diet pills. 

  • Does KetoCharge offer international delivery?

The company is accepting national and international orders. Right now, there are no delivery charges even for international locations. For more details, contact the customer service line. 

  • Is there a subscription plan for KetoCharge pills?

Currently, the company is not offering any auto generated subscription plan. All orders of Keto charge pills are a one-time thing, and you can’t schedule payments or deliveries every month. 

  • How to pay for KetoCharge orders?

The company is offering payments made through credit and debit cards. You can also choose to pay through Google Pau, PayPal, or Amazon Pay. Your information is secure with the company as it uses the same software as banking systems. 

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