‘Losing fat to looking fab’: Kashmiris go online to remain fit in the time of COVID


Srinagar: Hina (name changed) was having trouble conceiving after a miscarriage. After a lot of medication, doctors concluded that she needs to shed some kilos.

Unwilling to join a local gym due to the high risk of contacting Coronavirus, she sought help from an online trainer. Hina now takes regular online coaching and managed to lose five kgs in six weeks.

“As I was having trouble conceiving after an abortion, the doctor advised me to lose 15 kgs. I then started eating less and would Google a lot for tips on weight loss. I did not lose much weight but at the same time, I started to feel weak due to random weight loss tips from the internet. Later, I decided to opt for an online personal trainer, who gave me tailored exercise and fat-loss charts specific to my needs. A personal trainer also keeps you motivated and I have so far lost five kgs despite eating a healthy diet,” she said.

Hina is not an isolated case. Many like her are taking online coaching to lose weight and keep themselves fit. In fact, the online fitness industry has started to pick up steam in the valley.

Valley-based online trainers, however, say it was getting more popular with the 30-35 plus age group even as the younger lot continues to wait eagerly for the reopening of gyms amid the ongoing Covid lockdown.

“There is more public acceptability now and we received lots of clients last year after Ramadhan amid the Covid-19 threat. This year too, more people have started showing keen interest as Ramdhan has ended. Due to the lockdown, these days people are sitting home idle and want to remain fit. Mostly, people who are above 30-35 years prefer online training. Few younger ones too take online training but they by and large prefer regular gymming. Women who are reluctant to come to the gym during the present lockdown or even otherwise too prefer online training,” said Haider Baigh, online trainer and owner of ‘Livefit’.

Baigh, who is also a personal trainer and nutritionist, said would-be brides too were taking online training these days.

“There are brides who want their clothes to fit them on their wedding day….for them we have a special ‘Bridal Fitness Plan’. There are other packages too and we provide our clients tailored exercise and nutrition plans,” he said.

Pertinently, the doctors have been batting for the need of keeping oneself mentally and physically fit during the present ‘Corona curfew’.

In a communiqué by the government, Dr. Yasir Rather, Professor, Department of Psychiatry, GMC Srinagar said exercise elevates the mood of a person.

“Exercises and brisk walk release endorphins and keep the mood of a person elevated and helps to overcome and alleviate anxiety,” he said while suggesting proper sleep and diet to ‘maintain sustainable mental health’ during the lockdown and pandemic.

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