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What I eat in a day to stay lean year round. Why a fitness tracker & myfitnesspal weight loss app are a necessity. My meal plan is great for weight loss and muscle gain! We all tend to think we have to starve or eat boring foods for weight loss but it’s not the food that’s the issue it’s the calories (Portion Size). You can eat things like cookies, popcorn, ice cream and still make progress. It’s the difference of having a 1/2 cup of ice cream (200 calories) and a pint of ice cream (1200 calories). You can also build muscle on a weight loss meal plan. Just because you’re in a caloric deficit doesn’t mean you’re going to waste away muscle! This is why a fitness tracker and weight loss app are so important. You need to figure out exactly what you need to be eating to hit your goals.

I have a goal to stay lean at 185lbs for an entire year. I only have 3 months to go! I’ve been able to stay lean and eat pretty damn good because of CONSISTENCY. Consistency with my fitness, consistency with my nutrition, and most importantly the date analysis. Like any project you need data so with the help of #whoop and #myfitnesspal I can more accurately determine how many calories I need each day.

The important thing to note is everyday is hugely different. Unless you live your life like a robot, everyday will be completely different in calories burned or TDEE. Total Daily Energy Expenditure – How many calories you expend (burn) in 24 hours. This number includes the simple things like breathing, chewing, pooping, walking, talking etc. It also includes your calories expended for your job whether that’s sitting at a computer or doing manual labor. Then the very small part of your day (less than 5%) is your calories expended during exercise. We tend to think most of our calories burned is when we work out but it’s one of the smallest.

The different style of training will also effect how many calories you burn. Every strength session, cardio workout, hiit, cycling, running etc. will burn a different amount of calories. If you leisurely train arms one day but then crush a full body workout the next, the calories will be different. So why aren’t you eating different those days? Well… you should be.

This all depends on your goals but knowing exactly what you burn will help you achieve your goals faster.

WANT TO LOSE WEIGHT? Figure out exactly what you’re burning
If you eat too much because of your BS generic calculator you found online or you simple are guessing then you won’t lose weight.
WANT TO PERFORM BETTER? Figure out exactly what you’re burning
If you want to have energy for each session or 2x training then fueling your body it important! Under eating will decrease recovery, muscle loss, sleep, and training progress.
WANT TO BUILD MUSCLE? Figure out exactly what you’re burning
If you don’t eat, you won’t grow. Same thing with weight loss, if you’re guessing then you probably struggling to gain weight.

(1) Get any fitness tracker but I highly recommend one that allows you to wear it 24/7 and has a detailed app for data analysis
(2) Use myfitnesspal to weigh, measure, and track everything you put into your body. DON’T be lazy and just do it. If you want real results this is one of the more crucial steps you must take.

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