Protein to Energy Diet for Fat Loss with Dr Ted Naiman


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– Causes of the Obesity Epidemic 03:30
– Protein to Energy Ratio 06:05
– How Much Protein Should You Eat 11:56
– Rabbit Starvation from Protein 16:30
– How Many Carbs Should You Eat 23:30
– How Much Fat Should You Eat 32:50
– Animal Protein VS Plant Protein 38:10
– The Role of Fiber and Vegetables 41:12
– Don’t Combine Fats and Carbs Together 42:15
– Should You Eat Fruit 49:40
– How Dr. Ted Trains and Builds Muscle 56:30

And much more…

Ted Naiman is a board-certified Family Medicine physician from Seattle. In this episode, we talk about protein, the protein to energy ratio, and optimizing diet for body composition.

Video on How Much Protein:

The P:D Diet Book:

Metabolic Autophagy Book:

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