Rebel Wilson’s personal trainer Jono Castano shares his weight loss tips

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With the weather getting colder, we tend to not only eat more but it also gets way harder to pump yourself up to get to the gym or a boot camp session.

However Jono has three top tips for anyone struggling.

“First, make sure you’re still getting your 45 mins of exercise in daily – even if that’s at home. I have an at home workout program that is coming out on LIVE NOW that can be done anywhere,” he says.

“Secondly, stay hydrated. It gets quite dry in winter and we also tend to eat more when it is cold so if we stay hydrated, we won’t confuse thirst for hunger.

“Third, list your training goals for the winter. Make sure they are measurable and achievable. As well, setting more, smaller goals will keep you more motivated. I promise all the small wins do count in the long run.”



We all know the importance of a balanced diet but stocking your fridge and pantry with healthy essentials is a great way to start.

Some of Jono’s favourites include:

Apple cider vinegar

“There are many well-known benefits of ACV, my favourite thing to do is drink first thing in the morning to improve digestion throughout the day.”


“Great for detoxing the body. I usually add it to hot water as a pre-meal drink and into my water bottle that I drink from throughout the day.”

Chilli flakes

“This is a personal one for me as I love spicy food, and always add chilli to my meals! It also has an added benefit as a metabolism booster.”


“We need to make sure we’re nourishing our body with all the vitamins it needs to ensure we feel happy and healthy.”

Healthy treats

“I like air popped popcorn, sugar free chocolate/lollies, sugar free hot chocolate and protein bars.”



Health and wellness doesn’t just come from workouts and a balanced diet, however.

“Being healthy on the inside is just as important as the physical benefits. I believe in whole-person health and how confidence is key in seeing success both on the inside and out,” Jono, who is also a partner for leading oral health pioneer SmileDirectClub, says.

“For example, my confidence journey was really sparked by getting my teeth straightened, it inspired me to work on myself and my body. This is backed by recent research from leading oral care company SmileDirectClub which unveiled many Aussies believe straightening their teeth would give them a confidence boost and inspire them to make other life changes.

“I encourage you to find something that will inspire you and strive to make changes to yourself as a whole and what will benefit your mind and body, opposed to only staying focused on the numbers on the scale.”

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