Review Weight Control Hypnosis | Weight Loss Hypnosis Program


Review Weight Control Hypnosis | Weight Loss Hypnosis Program

Thank you to my wonderful clients for wanting to help you by letting you know how this helps.

Hypnotherapy helps enormously in the Weight reduction process. As you will already know, it is often our state of mind that governs how we eat, but also it is our unconscious mind which governs all of the bodily processes, including thinking, digestion, absorption and metabolising the foods we eat and the excess we store.

When you are consciously aware of what you should eat and how you should change what you do in order to reduce Weight, often it is the unconscious mind that, for its own reasons, knows exactly what to do to sabotage those endeavours and compels us to eat the foods which contradict our efforts.

Only when both parts of the mind are balanced can it be easy and effortless to reduce Weight and be happier in the body. The wonderful side-effects of using hypnosis to do this for yourself are that you become more relaxed and happier in the process. Often when on a restricted diet the opposite can be true.

Hypnotherapy will be of great benefit to you. Talking with your own unconscious mind gives you back the control to help yourself. The treatment begins with deep relaxation – and only when we are totally relaxed do we have a chance to engage with the unconscious. The Weight reduction is personally close to our hearts, after struggling with many years with Weight issues, we are all lean strong and healthy now!

Balancing the body is a natural and easy thing to do, but I know your conscious mind may not think so at the moment. Your body is always striving to be the best it can be, when we understand what it is continually doing for us, it becomes easier to help it.

Sessions are £85 for one hour and great progress is made in that time. From personal experience, we prefer to see Weight reduction clients four times over an eight week period to support the lifelong change that takes place. We will book your second appointment for you at the end of the first session with your agreement.

We have helped so many people with this issue. It would be wonderful to have the opportunity to help more. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further queries.

I look forward to speaking to you soon.

If you’d like to say thanks, I’d love a coffee!
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