Seth Rogen Gets Conan O’Brien to Smoke Weed On-Air in Final Week

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When Conan O’Brien was fired as host of The Tonight Show in 2010, he essential said “fuck it” in his final week on the air and started doing whatever he wanted, spending as much of NBC’s money as he could on his way out the door.

Now, the longest-serving late-night host on TV is in his final week of nightly shows on TBS—before launching a new weekly series on HBOMax. The circumstances of his departure are far less fraught this time around, and there is much more celebration in the air. But he still seems to be throwing caution to the wind, as evidenced by Tuesday night’s interview with Seth Rogen.

In what seemed like a pre-arranged bit despite Rogen’s insistence that he “wasn’t expecting any of this,” O’Brien asked his guest if he had any ideas for how he might be able to relax during his “downtime” after the nightly show ends. On cue, Rogen pulled a joint out of his pocket and handed it to the host.

“Don’t smoke that now!” Rogen warned him. “Or do, this will be a great, weird show for all of us.” He advised O’Brien to take “one hit” before giving him a lighter.

“This is the kind of thing you do when you know it’s over for you,” O’Brien joked. “I really don’t know what the fuck I’m doing,” he added as Rogen showed him how to light it and he took what looked like one decently-sized hit.

Rogen and sidekick Andy Richter joined in the fun and O’Brien waited to see if he would actually get high, apparently for the first time in his life.

“I’m so happy with what just happened,” Rogen giggled with delight as O’Brien laughed a little too hard in response.

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