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Is Skipping Breakfast Better for Weight Loss?


Breakthroughs in the field of chronobiology—the study of our circadian rhythms—help solve the mystery of the missing morning calories in breakfast studies. Subscribe to NutritionFacts.org’s free newsletter to receive our B12 infographic that covers the latest research takeaways and Dr. Greger’s updated recommendations: https://nutritionfacts.org/subscribe/ Whoa, that video took a wild U-turn! Just when I was […]

Does skipping breakfast help weight loss?


Eating breakfast causes obese people to be more active, according to the latest research published from BBSRC-funded researchers at the University of Bath. The study analysed the links between breakfast and health for individuals classed as ‘obese’, comparing the results from a fasting group with a breakfasting group. Eating breakfast did not make obese individuals […]