The most common exercise mistakes – how to avoid


Exercise is important for both a healthy body and mind, and can lead to weight loss. However, there are multiple common mistakes that some people make while exercising, without realising. How can you ensure that you are working out as effectively as possible?

Allie explained that one of the most common mistakes people make when trying to implement exercise into their daily routine is to not prepare properly.

It is important to feel energised before working out by eating nutritious food.

Allie said: “One of the most common mistakes we all make when working out every day is not fuelling properly.

“This includes not eating the right foods and nutrients ahead of your workout to ensure you have the energy to fuel your body – if you are going to take part in an intense workout, I’d recommend you eating something containing a mix of protein, fat and glucose directly afterwards to help your body recover.”

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Drinking a lot of water is beneficial when wanting to lose weight as it keeps you feeling full for longer, but it is also essential to keep fully hydrated when working out.

In doing so, you will be able to exercise for longer, which may lead to weight loss faster.

Allie explained: “Not drinking enough water to rehydrate and pushing yourself too hard, too quickly, is another mistake that can hinder your performance.

“Your daily workout is about creating a physical and mental space to keep your body active and to invigorate and challenge yourself in a sustainable way and by not rehydrating yourself throughout your sessions you will not be able to achieve this.”

However, the fitness instructor explained that some work outs are better for weight loss than others.

She said: “Cardio is key for weight loss – to lose weight, your body needs to burn more calories than you consume.

“Ideally, you should aim for a minimum of three cardio sessions a week at a minimum of 25 minutes.

“Even if you’re doing a weights session, take 10 minutes to warm up through jogging, a rowing machine, or spinning to keep your heart strong and efficient – and able to support any increases in muscle mass.”

After completing a cardio session, Allie emphasised the importance of recovery, as not doing so is another common mistake that can hinder weight loss results.

Allie said: “Recovery is also key.

“If you don’t take rest days and don’t get enough sleep, your body will store calories you consume instead of burning them, negating all of your hard work.”

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