TOP 10 Foods to Avoid to LOSE WEIGHT

Have you been trying to lose weight but not very successful? If I were you They are certainly not alone.

I've found that in many cases there are specific pet foods That people only cling to that prevents them from achieving their goals.

In this video we are You will go to the 10+ foods you need to eliminate if you are to succeed.

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Well, what foods are causing us problems.

Most people struggle with Lose weight.

It is not a normal, natural thing for our bodies and sometimes we just suffer Find out where to start.

Exercise is important, but it is only a small part of the picture.

It really boils down to finding ways of eating that work for you and your body.

but not No matter what eating plan you follow as you try to lose weight, there is sure Food we know will get you into trouble.

This will not be comprehensive Because honestly there are a lot of foods that are not good for you but these are Some of the most common things I see are causing a problem for my patients.

First, it is one of my faults.

These are the blessed french fries and potato chips.

Nothing beats fresh McDonald's French fries, but they do damage your waistline.

French French fries and potato chips are rich in calories and can be easily broken down into sugar In the body and can quickly turn into fat.

Several studies show that the consumption of fried potatoes and Potato chips are linked to weight gain, and someone showed that potato chips may contribute to this To gain more weight per meal than any other food.

So eliminate these or keep them At least it is important if you are trying to slim this waist.

Number 2 is a sugary drink, and this probably should be your number one because it's probably one of the The worst things for you that we consume on a regular basis.

They have a strong attachment With weight gain.

One study I read a while ago showed that one can not diet on a daily basis Soda can weigh more than 10 pounds the average person in a year.

They have a lot of your calories however The brain does not recognize it as food so it does not make you feel full and you are more tolerable Too much too much calories.

So do yourself a favor and stick with some Cold water with lemon.

Number 3 is white bread.

White bread is A chewable version of a sugar drink.

When the wheat is processed and turned into a white flower, they are shed Most of the fiber and nutrients that cause grains to be digested slowly.

Instead of that It quickly turns into sugar in the body and increases your sugar levels.

As well, Since you don't have a lot of fiber, you will likely eat more of it.

Because From all this we see a later insulin spike which is your enemy when it is you Trying to lose weight.

If you are going to eat bread, make sure it is a whole grain And still keep your stakes low.

You shouldn't even think about the fourth Food however for some is a great temptation.

These are candy bars.

This is of course severe Unhealthy and is a perfect combination of sugar, refined flour, and oils.

There is not much Other foods that can contain many calories in a small package as you find in candy ribbon.

The worst part about them is that they are usually strategically placed in the store So when we get bored, hungry and waiting in line, they are there to take them.

Resist temptations and turn away from them if you want to advance your goals.

The number 5 sometimes fools some of us because we think it's healthy.

This is a fruit juice.

Fruit is a great way to take care of that sweet tooth, and in moderation it is very healthy Part of a diet.

But the problem is when we drink it as juice.

The first problem Is that most of the commercially available fruit juice is still not just a juice.

There is often Added sugars that make this worse.

But even if it's 100% juice, it can still keep you Again when you are trying to lose weight.

The problem is that in making juice They usually get rid of all the pulp, fiber, and other things that come with the fruit Itself.

Doing so makes the sugars more easily absorbed by the body Your insulin and makes you gain weight.

Because you don't have all the extra fiber either, It is much easier to consume more calories than if you just ate the fruit.

So if you are trying to get rid of a few, stick to the whole fruit and throw out that morning glass.

The number 6 is also the one that gets me a lot, and This is pastries, muffins and muffins.

There is an incredible French pastry cafe in Al Salt Lake City, Utah is called a Gourmandise if you're ever in the area, don't stop because of it You will definitely fall off your diet cart.

This place is incredible.

But if you try To make progress on your weight-loss journey, eating these types of things won't be It takes you where you want to go.

It is also full of refined sugars, flour and Often times oils get in the way of your goals.

Bought a lot from the store The types are also full of fatty acids, which are also harmful when it comes to cholesterol And heart disease.

One of the big problems with these types of foods as well is that Because it is high in sugars and low in nutrients, you are more likely to feel hungry Faster after eating it.

Number 7 is alcohol and beer specifically.

We all know about the beer belly and that is for a good reason.

Beer specifically Like soda or other sugary drinks.

It contains as many carbohydrates as everything Otherwise, today we are talking about increasing your blood sugar, which leads to an insulin response It will lead to weight gain.

Therefore, if you are trying to lose weight, you may want to To consider cutting back or skipping alcohol altogether.

The number 8 is my guilty pleasure but it will quickly put you in trouble.

I hate So I'll say it, but it's ice cream.

There is nothing better than a bowl of ice cream however Unfortunately not healthy.

It is extremely high in calories and loaded Sugar.

Small amounts sometimes are fine but the problem is that they are easy to eat Lots in one place.

Do things like making your own ice cream and using less sugar and More natural ingredients can help.

Also, serve it in a smaller bowl and don't eat it Carton so your portion keeps smaller.

Number 9 would get me in trouble My kids have this pizza.

We all love a slice of pizza but it's high in calories It is usually made from refined flour and processed meat.

For this reason, it is easy to overeat.

It's the perfect combination of unhealthy carbohydrates and fats and it gets it Us in trouble.

The best options are some cauliflower peels, thin peels, or make them At home with more whole grains and healthier toppings.

Well the last number, number 10 is a huge number that puts a lot of people in trouble.

If you are If you want to lose weight, you should avoid high-calorie coffee drinks.

Starbucks is not Your friend.

One of the biggest offenders on their list is the Mocha Cookie Crumble Frappuccino.

Their big drink comes at 590 calories.

Contains 26 grams Of fat and 76 grams of sugar.

Sorry, this swimsuit won't help you They want to wear.

No kind of empty liquid calories will help you Your Goals So move away from the Starbucks streak, and save yourself a lot of money and a lot The extra calories as you can see from this list, there is A lot in common with the foods we discussed.

They are all processed heavily Fast foods that are full of added sugar, refined flour and added fats.

that's it The types of foods responsible for the current obesity epidemic but fortunately remain Apart from it it can help you achieve your weight loss goals.

Now I'm not trying to say you can never have anything like these but they should do Not be a part of your typical diet.

Look at the labels, and avoid foods with added sugars And fats.

Stay away from the things that are being processed.

The closer you go to a full-fledged diet The better off it will do.

You now know about 10 of the best foods You should avoid them to help you lose weight.

IT is definitely not an exhaustive list, There are a lot of other foods that you should avoid.

So our question Today is: What's the hardest thing to give up and that's keeping you Who are your healthy food goals? Do let us know in the comments below.

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