Trim Healthy Mama Weight Loss Grocery HAUL for a LARGE FAMILY


Here is a one week grocery haul that has TRIM Healthy MAMA plan meal ideas.

Hello, This is Tiffany with Blessed Bears! We’re a large family of eleven who never set out for this lifestyle! We were never supposed to be able to have kids (overcame PCOS, lost an ovary and many immune things that cause infertility and multiple losses). We even had a stillbirth in 2009. Still in all of that, have been blessed with nine living children! We drive a 15 passenger van, homeschool them, love to travel and learn and grow closely as a family! We’re also mostly gluten free so that’s also a challenge we face! I enjoy finding ways to feed the big family on a budget as well! We upload regular day on the life vlogs, shopping hauls, grocery hauls, homeschool advice, parenting advice, faith sharing and much more! Please join us on the journey and subscribe to us! Thanks!

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To watch how I homeschool seven kids :

To watch the Math Program we love and have used for years:


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