Weight loss: Dr Michael Mosley shares high protein diet & Mediterranean plan can burn fat

Weight loss goals can be achieved with the help of a diet plan. Dr Michael Mosley explained how to reach and maintain a healthy weight and have sustainable results.

He shared some of the best foods to eat for results.

High protein foods

Dr Mosley explained the benefits of eating foods high in protein.

These can help speed up the metabolism and eggs are a great choice as they also come with many other benefits.

He said: “Eat an adequate amount of protein.


“This means regularly eating foods such as oily fish, seafood, chicken, red meat, eggs, tofu, beans, pulses, dairy and nuts.

“These foods have been shown to curb carbohydrate cravings and will help you to feel fuller for longer. Eating enough protein is important.

“You should also try to restrict your intake of processed meats such as sausages, bacon and salami.

“Once thought to increase the risk of arterial and heart disease, eggs are in fact packed with nutrients, economical to buy, easy to store, versatile to cook with – and so form a major part of this diet.”

Try Mediterranean foods

The Mediterranean diet plan is inspired by the foods available in that area of Europe.

Those following the diet can tuck into foods such as fresh fruits, vegetables, fish, oils and wholegrain bread.

Dr Mosley said it has benefits for those hoping to lose weight or improve health.

“What we eat plays an intrinsic role in our overall health, and the health of our family,” he explained.

“Children should be introduced to Mediterranean food in order to help keep them healthy, and prevent issues later in life including Type 2 Diabetes.

“Not to mention, eating healthily is most effective when adopted by a family as a whole.

“In my opinion toddlers should eat a Mediterranean diet as it’s a healthy balanced way of eating.

“These foods may be introduced as soon as they can eat solids and these foods should be eaten as a family.”

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