Weight loss story: “I had a special drink made of garlic, turmeric, honey, lemon juice with a sprig of tulsi leaves every morning”


Breakfast: I have my breakfast after working out in the morning. However, I would have a special health drink prepared by my brother-in-law consisting of garlic, turmeric, honey, lemon juice and a sprig of tulsi leaves and workout.

Later, post that, I would have something light like cereals with some nuts, oats, and ragi malt. On some days, oil-free dosas with coconut chutney, bowl of fruits like apples, oranges and papayas. A glass of warm milk was also compulsorily had.

Lunch: For lunch, it would be phulkas or oil-free chapatis with veggies like greens, spinach, brinjal, beans. On some days, I would have upma or poha or low-calorie tofu.

Dinner: It would consist of salad with items like carrots, cucumbers, radish or beetroots cut into small pieces with salad dressings, like low-fat curd, apple cider vinegar or lemon juice and a pinch of salt.

My Pre-workout meal was just a huge glass of warm water to keep me hydrated. And the workout was followed by the health drink and breakfast. If I did my workout after breakfast, it was followed by a cup of green tea.

Post-workout meal, as mentioned above, was my breakfast only.

Low-calorie meals: Salads, tofu, recipes made in less oil.

On my cheat days, I would love a chicken biriyani, appams with mutton stew, mushroom pizza or prawn pasta and ice cream with jelly.

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