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Thinking about what i eat in a day ?
learn how to make the superfoods to make the best food as “what i ate” !!
Here is a recipe for a weight loss superfoods – garden cress oats smoothie !
This protein shake is a healthy drink which can be a healthy breakfast recipe or a healthy snack.
If you are looking for how to make a breakfast smoothie, this will give the best superfood for your, a milk shake with garden cress seeds, oats, honey and raisins.
The garden cress, which is also called as halim, aliv etc is a major source of protein, calcium, iron etc. The garden cress smoothie can be considered as a source for natural nutrition. This smoothie can also be considered as an oatmeal recipe with milk making it a healthy option for breakfast ideas. For full day of eating plan, this can be a food start for all.

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