Weight Loss, Weight Gain and Constantly Judging Our Body


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In this video, we discuss body image and weight. Sensitive topics such as eating disorders, health complications from weight loss, self-esteem and abuse of laxatives are discussed. Here are some conversation starters
1) What has been your journey with accepting your body?
2) Who influences women’s opinions of their bodies?
3) How have you managed comparison?
4) What advice would you give to your younger self?
5) What makes you feel beautiful?

Follow the women in this video
Deshawn – http://instagram.com/deshawniii_
Lydia – http://instagram.com/lydiamok
Brooke – http://instagram.com/brookebarrows
Tiana – http://instagram.com/ladyrednails
Courtney – http://instagram.com/courtneykocak


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