Yoga Surya Namaskar For Weight Loss | Sun Salutations Yoga For Beginners | Power Yoga


Health for power yoga beginner’s daily yoga routine. With gyms and offices shutting down, this video is focussed on utilising our precious time into a higher purpose of learning yoga. If you have never practised any of the yogic postures or breathing exercises then this should be the video which will help you get started with this divine practice. Let’s not focus on the fear, panic and the noise created by the media instead channelise our energy into something like yoga which will boost your immunity and help you live a disease free life in the long run. One more thing, this is not a video to just watch but to follow along. So, c’mon let us do it together.
You should do this practice everyday and you can also add it to your current workout routine.
So once you are ready, let’s hop on to the mat and get going!

Yoga Surya Namaskar For Weight Loss | Sun Salutations Yoga For Beginners | Power Yoga – Hi…This channel is about yoga fitness. Short instructional video learns how to do step by step Surya Namaskar ( सूर्य नमस्कार ). Surya Namaskar provides a good cardiovascular workout. They are one of the perfect ways to keep the body in shape and the mind active and calm. In the video, we can learn surya namaskar posture step by step and also learn health benefits of surya namaskar yoga.

surya namaskar benefits: It helps in improving posture and provides strength to the muscles. It assists in stimulating every system of the body. It strengthens the heart, keeps the nervous system in place and makes the digestive system strong. Surya namaskar regulates your body, removes your stress and helps you in getting sound sleep.

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