You Won’t Guess Gigi Hadid’s New Role on Never Have I Ever

rs x Gigi Hadid

Move over, John McEnroe—there’s a new narrator holding court.

If you haven’t already binged all of Never Have I Ever‘s newly released second season, well, you’re in for a treat because the third episode features a new, yet familiar voice moving the story along: Gigi Hadid.

For one episode, the supermodel took over narrating duties from the tennis pro and honed in on Paxton Hall-Yoshida (Darren Barnet). “This is Paxton Hall-Yoshida. He’s a 16-year-old boy from Sherman Oaks, California,” Hadid’s narration introduced the episode, “and I am model, designer, activist and a former 16-year-old from California, Gigi Hadid.”
“You may be asking yourself,” she continued, “‘Why is old Gigers taking time out of her busy skedge to narrate the story of a 16-year-old boy? Believe it or not—I relate to this kid. We’re both constantly underestimated because people only see us as sex symbols.”
Clearly, Hadid had no issue poking fun at Paxton and herself. “When scientists declare your face to be perfectly symmetrical, that’s all everyone thinks you have to offer the world,” the 26-year-old said, “but we’ve got brains, too, and feelings and—Paxton, dude, put a shirt on. I’m trying to make a point here. Anyway, we have so much more going on inside. At least that’s true for me. We’ll see what happens with Paxton.”

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